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Affordable Draft Beer Dispensing & Cooling Equipment for your home.

We Build Custom Kegerators for Kegs of Draft Beer!

Everything included!  All you need to do is "add a beer keg."

All units come with glass mugs and pitcher/every unit has 1.02cf of freezer space to keep your glassware frosty!

We are taking kegerators to new levels of extravagance!

These units are compact, they are not the size of a standard refrigerator.  They only stand four feet - six inches tall and are under two feet wide.  All units will hold a standard 1/2 barrel beer keg. (15.5 gallons)

Advantages to Drinking Draft Beer:

Enjoying a draft beer is a luxury in itself.  There are several advantages besides the love of a draft.

There are no empty cans or bottles to make clutter.

You make less trips to the beer store.

Draft beer is cheaper to drink than cans or bottles, due to the fact that the breweries just clean and refill kegs.  They don't have to spend money on packaging and bottling.

Dollar savings of drinking draft beer vs. can beer.  (price comparison taken locally 3/10/2011)

30 Pac of premium beer in12oz cans = $21.46

Keg of premium beer = $84.99

Savings by drinking draft beer = $33.28 each keg.

All units are equipped with:

 All local sales are delivered and setup.
 All units hold a standard 16 gallon beer keg.  (slim or fat style)
 All local sales come with the CO2 cylinder filled.  $29.95 option to have full CO2 cylinder included with freight shipment.  Price includes all applicable Hazardous Material charges.
 Five year warranty on compressor / 1 year on parts.
 New aluminum five pound CO2 cylinder. (Manufactured by Luxfer)
 Exterior lock allows you to untap the keg and lock the door to secure beer dispensing.
 Kool Keg users manual
 Twin gauge CO2 regulator (tank & line pressure gauges, by Taprite-Fassco Mfg., Inc.)
 1.02 cubic foot of freezer space for mugs and pitchers.
 Drip pan (Brass or Stainless depending on model)
 US Sankey tap, chrome faucet and all hoses.
 Cleaning brush for faucet
 Bottle and faucet wrenches
 One glass 60oz pitcher and four glass 12oz mugs (Libby glassware)

Other Options and Features Available:

 One or two CO2 cylinders.  This is so you always have a full bottle.

 Brass or chrome faucet
 Various wood stain colors (wood finish)by Minwax®.  We can stain your wood in any combination you like.  Or match some existing furniture stain.
 High gloss, semi gloss, satin or natural finishes.
 Wine racks  (Signature Series only) or could be bought alone for personal installation.
 Wine glasses (Signature Series only)
 Interior cabinet lighting. ( Signature Series only)
 Different glass etchings on doors (Signature Series only)
 Hand pump for throwing large parties (Signature Series only)
 Cleaning brush
 Quick connect from CO2 hose to regulator for easy bottle change. (Signature & Homebrew Series only)
 Humidor (Signature Series Option) for cigars and pipe tobacco.

ALL OF OUR WOOD COVERED MODELS USE REAL HARDWOOD PANELING AND SOLID HARDWOOD TRIM, NOT SIMULATED.  Note: Oak is our default wood.  We also do several other hardwoods. i.e. Maple, Cherry, Mahogany

Other information on Kool Keg Units:

  • Kegerator will maintain any temperature ranging from 24° to 45°.

  • Estimated yearly electricity cost of unit is $42.00.

Other Info, Questions & Answers:

Here are some questions and info that customers ask:

QHow long does a full keg of beer last after it has been tapped?

A:  Our units can maintain the coldest temperatures.  We like to keep our beer at 32-35 degrees; However, the best aromatic temperature for beer consumption is 38-42 degrees.  We at Kool Keg, Inc. agree that beer will keep longer than it will take you to drink.  (Several months)

Q How long does a full 5# CO2 cylinder last?

A:  About 9 to 11 half barrel kegs maintaining a line pressure of 10psi.  Dispense rate should be 2 fluid ounces per second.

Q How heavy is a full half barrel of beer?

A:  150-160 pounds.

Q:  Where to fill CO2 tanks?

A:  Look up "Gas" in your local yellow pages.  Call a few of them and ask if they fill small CO2 tanks.  Also, call some local welding suppliers. To fill a 5 pound CO2 tank usually costs between $8.00 and $12.00.  Some beer stores will fill CO2 tanks for free if you buy kegs from them.

Keg draft beer information:

  • 1 keg = 1984 fluid ounces = 15½ gallons of beer (commonly referred to as 1/2 barrel)

  • 1 keg equals 6¾ cases of 12 oz. Bottles/Cans.




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